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Monument Dedication Ceremony
June 8th 2019

Purchase a Brick
Honor a Veteran!

The Brick and Paver deadline was Feb 1st.
We are no longer accepting forms at this time.


The Middlesex GWOT Veteran Monument allows you to purchase a brick or paver in honor of anyone who has served, including MIA's and POW's, or is currently serving in the U.S. Military. The veteran need not have lived in Pepperell to purchase a brick. In addition, schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals can purchase paver with messages honoring veterans.

$75 = 4 x 8 Red Brick = 16 characters on each line 3 lines
$1000 = 12 x 12 = 30 characters 6 lines

Your donation secures your brick on a first-come first-served basis. You will have the opportunity to finalize the wording prior to engraving.

We thank you for your support and your donation. You can call (978) 314-5122 or email middlesexgwot@gmail.com with your order.

Please print clearly the wording you would like on the brick. All characters(including spaces, no punctuation) will be engraved on lines of 15-30 spaces each.

You may email or print and mail the form to: Middlesex GWOT Monument Office, 97 Elm St., Pepperell, MA. 01463.

We are also taking orders for memorial granite benches with a $10,000 donation.

Guidelines for brick lettering:

  • All letters capitals in the same size and font
  • Limited to 3 lines, only 16 characters
  • Name, Rank & Service
  • Optional Unit and Service period

If you would like to donate using Paypal, please click the button below.

Bricks have already been purchased by:

Purchaser In Honor Of/Service
Cassie Adams
Patricia Archambault
Kathy Sherman
Daniel & Kelly Bliss
Lori Smith
Lori Smith
Debbie Bickmore
Reddy Dental
Jaffrey VFW
Jeannine Butler
Helen Rogers
JA Hutchinson
Timothy F Casey
Timothy F Casey
Timothy F Casey
Timothy F Casey
Jean & Bob Connolly
Jean & Bob Connolly
Jean & Bob Connolly
Wendy Cummings
Wendy Cumings
Chris Maher
Patricia Hewitt
Robert Deluca
Lori Durno
Ken English
Matthew Evans
Timothy F Casey
Dick Fiorentino
Dan Quirbach
Wayne Grover
Lauren Geanacoupulos
Kerry Koch
Matthew Evans
G & D Thompson
Kristina & Keith Hooper
Ray Hurley
Mike King
Jan Kobs
Jan Kobs
Donna Sherman
Kevin Lapointe
Sandra Ledvina
Cassie Adams
Thomas Maher
Sharon Ricard
Kerry Koch
Cynthia Charest
Robert Morrison
Roberta Willson
Kent Mullen
Jean & Bob Connolly
Bruce Newell
Matt Kretas
Donna Sherman
Ginny Pillsbury
Jennifer Nelson
Donna Sherman
JA Hutchinson
Laura Shanahan
Kaitlyn Silva
Lori Smith
Brenton Davis
Lillis Taylor
G & D Thompson
Eric Vogelsang
Pat Wallace
Chris Maher
Judith Brandon

William Adams
Joseph Archambault/WWII
Brian Arsenault/KIA/OEF
Matt Axelson/Navy Seal
Justin Bickford/GWOT
Lloyd Bickford/WWII
Brian W Bickmore/USMC OIF
Mathew Boule/OIF/KIA
J. Peter Bourque/Korea
William Butler/Vietnam
Michael Roy Carr/USMC OIF
Donald Carwile GWOT/KIA
Brandon Casey/National Guard
Patrick J Casey/Army
Timothy F Casey/Army Viet
Timothy Casey Jr/USAF DS
Paul Conlon KIA/GWOT
Robert Connolly/Army 72-75
Robert Connolly/USMC OEF
Edward Cummings/OIF/OEF
James Cummings/Army OIF
Darren Cunningham/OIF/KIA
Brian Darby/OEF
Robert Deluca/GWOT
Peter Durno/Vietnam
Ken English/Vietnam
Gary Evans/Bay of Pigs
CJ Ferreira/USMC OEF
Dick Fiorentino/Navy 60-64
Michael Fotino/OEF
The Grovers/Korea
Harry Geanacoupulos/Vietnam
Sgt Sean Harkins/Gulf War
Meghan Harrah/OIF
Armond Heerman/WWII
John L Hooper/Army 53-75
Raymond Hurley/Vietnam
Paul A. King/Vietnam
Fred Kobs/Bay of Pigs
David Kobs/Mid East
Keith Kuttler
Kevin Lapointe/Army OIF
Basil Ledvina/Vietnam
John Lindermuth
Thomas Maher/USAF 61-65
Ray Marchildon/USN Viet
Sgt W G Meehan/Vietnam
Ryan Mills/OIF
Robert Morrison/OEF
Robert Moulton
Bradley Mullen/Vietnam
James F Murphy/WWII
Steven E Newel/ USMC 67-69
Jerrick Petty/OIF KIA
Robert Phinney/WWII
Harold Pillsbury/Korea
Donald Poutry/USN 67-75
Robert Powderly/Vietnam
Larry Richardson/Vietnam
Chris Shanahan/OEF
Manuel Silva/Vietnam
SP4 Charly Smith/Vietnam
Spartans Charlie Co/OIF
Ralph Taylor/WWII
M J Thompson Jr/WWII
Eric Vogelsang OIF/OEF
Edward Wallace/Omaha Beach
Andrew Zabierek/OIF/KIA
4th Platoon/OEF